Early Registration Closed but don’t let that stop you!!

We currently have 128 people registered for the 50th reunion.  WE WANT YOU……Please plan to attend.  Don’t forget to send in your registration form and check for $75 per person to Vicki Andrews Sanders, your biographies to Sharon Johnson Bradford, and your golf registration to Dan Hughes (or along with your registration form).  We have 52 biographies posted and more in the wings.  You can add yours anytime, but by adding your biography now, people can recognize you:) and be able to communicate beyond what you said or did at South Hi in the 60’s.

Early registration deadline June 24 – Reunion August 23 & 24.

The first price break is coming up June 24, 2013.  Save $10 with each guest and send in your registration.  We have 38 biographies, mostly posted at this time.  We have 80 people signed up.  We are hoping for 150.  What a great chance to make new friends and see some old buddies.

The website is fully functioning.  Check out the reunion information and see who has turned in their registration materials at this time.  The “In Memorium” has pictures of classmates that have passed away.  We have almost all the old newsletters on the new website.  Take time to read the biographies.  They are so interesting and diverse.  Please send in your biography.  What a shame to think your life isn’t worthy of reporting.  You are what matters, and if you are alive and kicking – please let us celebrate together.


50th Reunion in August

August 23, 2013 – August 24,2013

Check the reunion page for the details.  Cost $65 per person before June 24, 2013 , $75 per person after June 24th.

Please turn in your registration materials.  We hope everyone will attend.

Also don’t forget to check the Biographies on the Web and add your Biography

Do you own a classic car?

We would like anyone with a classic car to drive it to the reunion.  If you have one, know of one, or are interested in coordinating this event, send me a note at contact@sshs63.com

The SSHS Class of 62 posted several of their cars on their web.  They added pictures and descriptions of their projects.  You can check that out at 62saxons.com

50th Reunion Newsletter & Registration

Attached is the SSHS REUNION WEB EDITION.  Included in the newsletter are the registration forms, classmate biography on the web form, and the golf tournament form.  Please complete and return promptly.  There is a discount if you pay your registration fee before June 24, 2013.



golf 9 hole scramble 50th

Winter 2013 Newsletter

Winter 2013 Newsletter

40th Reunion

Summer 2012 Newsletter

SSHS 2012 Summer WEB ISSUE

If you are seeing double, check your compatibility with internet explorer.

Getting ready for the next newsletter

Hi again, sorry for the delay in updating but we are now gearing up for the next newsletter and the 50th reunion.  I hope you will attend next year.  As we prepare the final draft the the next newsletter, I’m reminded of how fragile life is and how important friendship is to our health.  I hope you are making new connections with old friends.  This next newsletter includes comments from Gary Allen.  Gary made a big effort to also get others to write for us.  Bernie (Stone) Barrett is credited with keeping our database updated and also bugging people to write in.  Thanks to people that contribute short notes as well as helping to continue the financing of our newsletter and website, we remain SAXONS, who care about each other.

Newsletter – January 2012

To see the newsletter click on SSHSWEBB below


We are a year away from our 50th Reunion.  Please send pictures of your high school years so we can add them to this website and also our displays during the reunion.

If you change e-mails or snail mail addresses, please let us know.



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