Archives for June 2011

20 year reunion in 1983

I’m working on adding pictures from the 20th reunion.  If you have pictures from any of the reunions, please send them to BHC

50th year reunion planning

2013 is our 50th reunion.  If you want to help with the planning, please let one of the newsletter staff know.  We don’t have a committee as yet, but there are people looking at a venue, cost, and dates.  One suggestion was for the elementary feeder systems to have their own mini-reunions during the weekend of our 50th.    Watch this website develop and ideas compiled for the reunion.

We will have more information in our spring newsletter 2012.


45th Reunion Memories

Gather your school items so that we can display them at the 50th reunion.  If you prefer, take a picture of the item and send them to a newsletter staff in jpg format.  We will print copies for the display board.

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