Archives for July 2011


This was the first attempt for our newsletter staff to host a mini-reunion.  We decided to send out the word that we would meet at noon on Saturday of the Mt. Angel Oktoberfest.  We had red & blue flowers, ribbons, signs, and a table ready for all classmates to join us.  We waiting for an hour, then another hour, then another hour.  As we determined no classmates would show, we proceeded in gathering people from the beer garten and made them honorary SAXONS.  We took our picture with them, gave them Saxon ribbons, and cheered them on for being good sports.  We know that many classmates have made efforts to get mini-reunions organized since then.  The most successful have been the snowbirds that go to California and Arizona in the winter.  If you have hosted a mini-reunion, let the newsletter staff know and we can post your successes on this website and in the next newsletter.

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