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Class of 1963 Veterans Project – by Dan Withers and John Luchau

Time to Post: It seems I have not been keeping up with the website. I apologize.

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What were you doing from March 2020 on?  Seems like life stopped forward motion.  2020 was a horrible year.  My family had an ice storm that took out the roof of Ron’s family home on Superior St, then covid hit, then medical issue with a family member, then another medical issue with another family member, then our family cabin, shop, casita, and another home burned down in the Beachie Creek Fire in September 2020.  2021 was getting through the turmoil of 2020.  We moved forward.  Isn’t that what we are required to do to maintain?  

Now we are preparing for our 60th reunion.  That will be August 19, 2023 at Illahe.  If you don’t have the e-mail that gives the details, let me know.  At this moment we only have 60 people signed up.  The Class of 1962 had 112 participants.  We can do better!  We must do better!!!  You know why?  We need each other.  As I’m calling classmates, we have all been through a bunch these last few years.  You have lost loved ones, you are dealing with aging bodies – yours or your close friend or family member.  We need each other.  Those that reach out and renew friendships or make new friends with the common knowledge and experience we had at South Salem High School – will do better, live longer or at least be happier.

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