Missing Classmates

James Alexander
Michael J. Anderson
Evelyn Cobb Lewis
Judy Brimm-George
Michael M. Butler
Gerald H. Chapel
Katy (Katherine Jo)Clyde
Larry D Davidson
Ray Neal Cooprider
Schelly Culver
Joan Davidson
Robert A. Day
Carol (Carolyn) Duggan
JoAnne Edmundson Lindquist
Mary Jean Eller Woods
Ricki Fergeson Roth
Steven Ferry
Larry R. Fisher
Peter B. Groves
Pam Gruel Charles
Charles (Jerry) Hanson
Joan Arlene Hudson Johnson
Paul J. Johnson
Joan Johnson
Janet Jones
 Jane Louise Jones
 Maurice L. (Mike) Maynard
 Diane Meloy Sandsburn
Kathy Merin Strickler
Virginia M. Moudy
Elaine Nelson
Courtland Newhardt
David Laurence Nichols
Elaine Pecht (Herle?)
Joan Penniman Lanza
Sherin Person Shanaw
Stevie Romander
Bruce Shuller
Jean Stevens McSherry
Sharon Lorraine Thompson
Gail Titus (Redding) Boatwright
Richard E. Topping
Jerry L. Tracy
Mary C. Walberg
Kathryn A. Wilson Roll

The above list is missing classmates as of April 25, 2014.  If you have contact information for any of these classmates, please send information to Bernadette Stone Barrett at rlbdbarrett@aol.com or barb.cross@comcast.net.

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