Newsletter staff includes:

Classmate Database & Editorial: Bernadette Stone Barrett
If you have moved, dropped or changed your address or e-mail please update that information for us.  If you changed land lines or cell phones, please let us know.  Send all changes to Bernie at  To keep our database strong for the next 30 years, having your spouses name, children and grandchildren names also helps us find you.  These can all be confidential by letting Bernadette know your wishes.

Frieda (Karen Fortmiller) Flint has also been helping Bernie research and reach out to classmates.

Information distribution: Barb Hoxsey Cross
If you would like to contribute articles, updates, and/or pictures to our newsletter or have a message that you think is appropriate for classmates, please send to


Newsletter Graphic Artist: Sharon Johnson Bradford
Biographies on the Web: Sharon Johnson Bradford

Newsletter Treasurer:  Kris Campbell Lockard

We decided to combine our two Class of 63 funds. We want to thank Sue Gleckler Palmason and Vicki Andrews Sanders for their many years of guarding our funds for mailing regarding reunions, newsletter and website, and start up money for reunions.  Kris Campbell Lockard is now the keeper of the funds.  Your contributions are always welcome as we try to share stories and information through our newsletters, the website, and ways to meet in person.

Send checks payable to South Salem High School Class of โ€™63.

Mail to Kris Campbell Lockard, 1388 Parkmeadow Dr. NE, Keizer, Oregon  97303.




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