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Newsletter Edition Featuring
2023 Class Reunion (1) Tour of school and Ilahee gathering
2022 Fall (2) Let’s Catch – Up – Steve Stivers
Winter 2021COR Ski Cabin Memories – Kris Campbell Lockard
Winter 2020 COR (1) South High Gets a New Look & Veteran’s website
2020 Spring Newsletter Pandemic – Carol Davis Shelp and Bob Jones
 2019 Spring Newsletter Let’s Celebrate in 2019
2019 Winter Newsletter Normandy Remembered – Rand Wintermute
2018 WINTER Newsletter 55th year celebrations
2017 SSHS spring Memorial Day Tribute
2016 SSHS WINTERWEB Happy 70th Birthday to Us
2015 SSHS SPRING Kathy Hall Highcove
2014 SSHS WINTER Cobe Grabenhorst, Kris Campbell LOCKARD, Rand Wintermute, Ron Boise
 2014 SSHS SPRING  Bob & Ann Jones, Roger Appelgate, John Luchau
 2013 Special Reunion Issue  Picture of the events of the 50th reunion
SSHS REUNION WEB EDITION  50th Reunion registration and forms
2013 WINTER WEB ISSUE  Jerry Green
2012 Summer WEB ISSUE Dave Johnson
2011 December WEBB Kris Campbell Lockard
 2011 SummerFall Color Dan Withers
Winter 2011  Bob and Ann Holweger Jones
2010 Winter Kris Lockard & friends reunion
Summer 2009  Roger Appelgate
 Winter 2008 45th Reunion Recap
2008 Spring See you in September – 45th Reunion
Winter 2007  45th Reunion Planning
2007 summer Web Page is Here
2007 Spring Mary Hubert Stewart
2006 Spring Bjorn Perrson Soderfeldt
2005 Winter  Roger Appelgate
2005 Summer  LaVonne Bolstad Johnson & Bernadette Stone Barrett
2004 Winter  Nancy Ahrendt McKinley
2004 Spring  Kathy Hall Highcove
2003 first newsletter 9 30 03  



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