2020 Spring Newsletter and Corvid 19

Spring Newsletter finds us staying home and watching the pandemic reach all parts of the world.  2020 Spring Newsletter

The old Leslie Middle School is being torn down to modern standards.  Leslie Middle School moved several years ago and the building has housed Howard Street Charter School.  The new addition will include classrooms, auditorium, music rooms, parking, as well as many upgrades over the next year.

Winter 2019 newsletter now available

What a great year of reconnecting with classmates.  We now meet the 3rd Wednesday of each month at Elmer’s on Market Street at 1 p.m.  Please come join us if you are in the area.

Our 2019 Winter Newsletter has just been sent electronically to classmates with e-mail accounts.  If  you are not getting the emails, check our folders as they may be getting kicked out by your settings on your computer.

We had three great opportunities to network this year.  Read about them in the latest newsletter.

winter 2018 newsletter celebrating the 55th year since leaving South

2018 WINTER Newsletter

Here it is – another spectacular view into the lives of our mighty Saxons.  This issue is showing two celebrations we had.  One in the spring, one in the fall – per your request.

Next newsletter theme may be about what you were doing during the Columbus Day Storm, 1962.  Send me your story.  Where were you when the storm hit, what did you do to get home, or if home, how did your home/property survive, and what memories do you have of your life at that time living without electricity for a week or more.  Send your comments to any of us on the contact page.


Save the dates: Celebrating 55th year reunion for the Class of 63

Thanks to classmates responding with their opinions, we are going to try for two celebrations in 2018.  In May, (15, 16 or 17th)  we are working on a gathering at a winery.  Cost will be minimal.  

September 8, 2018, we will celebrate with a function at Creekside Golf Course.  Details will be sent in the spring of 2018.  Save those dates.

Spring 2017 newsletter

2017 SSHS spring

Oh my gosh, it’s been awhile.  I hope if you see this note that you will let me know.  We are trying to decide whether to cancel the website.

At any rate, we have just published the next newsletter.  I’ve sent it to everyone that has an e-mail.  If you didn’t receive the newsletter, make sure we have your current contact information.  We are not sending out paper copies any more.



Winter 2016 Newsletter – Happy Birthday

YAH!!!!  We are in the middle of a 70th Birthday Celebration for the Class of 1963.


Your newsletter staff has decided to publish the newsletter only on the web.  We are sending out a notification to those classmates that have requested hard copies.  We need you to update us even more on new contact information.  E-mail notification will continue with the newsletter attached.  Monies contributed to newsletters will continue to pay for maintaining our webpage and for occasional postcards/printing/postage needs to communicate with the Class of 1963.

Check out the pictures of our Combined 70th Birthday Party in recent articles.  In the reunion section of this web, you will find pictures of a mini-reunion at Stangland Winery in 2014.

Two new picture shows in 2014 and 2015

Enjoy our combined 70th birthday celebration at Best Little Road House. Then go to the reunion page and check out the mini-reunion in September 2014 at Stangland Winery. Our next newsletter will be coming out soon.

Happy Birthday to US

We celebrated our combined birthdays at a mini reunion at the Best Little Roadhouse in Salem Oregon on June 20, 2015.

Spring Newsletter and 70th Birthday Party


70th Birthday Party for the Class of 1963 on June 20, 2015.  A casual gathering at Best Little Roadhouse in Salem ( 1145 Commercial St S.E. ) will feature a no-host event for classmates to share the common 70th BIRTHDAY.  5:30-8 p.m. FREE BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!

We will feature a banquet menu with your choice of prime rib, salmon, chicken, or a chicken pasta.  Your price will be $10 for the dinner plus gratuity and drinks.

John Luchau sends link to news about vulcano near his home

John Luchau writes:

If you want to let folks know what’s happening here in my neck of the woods with the lava flow I’ve found that this link is the best update for views and information.  The flow front remains about 6 miles South of our home so it is a concern but it is not moving our direction at this time so in my mind it is not a major concern.


I would think that any of our Vulcanologists from SSHS would find it as fascinating as I do.

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